Losing Inches But Not Weight: A Guide to Shed Stubborn Fat

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It is a common problem losing inches but not weight for many people who hit the gym hard to burn calories.

Have you ever hit up the gym for a few months straight only to see minimal to no difference in your weight? Yet, you can now fit into your favorite jeans, but your weight machine still refuses to change its digits.

If this is you, this means you too are probably losing inches but not weight because you are exercising with muscle building instead of fat-burning routines.

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To help you make sense of this problem, here’s a complete guide on why you are losing inches but not weight.

I Too Found Myself Asking – “Why Am I Losing Inches But Not Weight?”

Every weight loss program says you must exercise if you want to lose weight. What they don’t tell you is what type of exercise you should be doing.

As a general rule of thumb, when we talk about losing weight, it usually consists of losing weight from your abdomen (belly), hips, thighs, and arms, and the weight machine approves that you have finally achieved your goal.

However, this is far from the truth.

woman on weight scale wondering why she is losing inches but not weight

I am losing inches but not weight!

Your weight is your body’s relative mass, not necessarily fat. This means many other factors can lead to having a heavier body than simply being overweight. This is what many fitness coaches recommend as well.

If you are losing inches but not weight, it indicates that your body is building muscle mass. This mass is muscle replacing fat which is going in the right direction.

Yet, you do not see visible progress in your body. But think about what your scale is really displaying. It can only reveal the total weight of your muscle, fat, bones, water, and organs. It cannot separate and display your fat from the other elements that make up your body’s weight.

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This inaccuracy of the home weight scale makes them a misleading way to measure your progress. Most scales can’t differentiate between the amounts of body fat and muscle you have.

Here Are Some Accurate Scales

Therefore, knowing your body composition is crucial for understanding your body and determining the areas to focus on when establishing your exercise routine.

Another issue to consider is that your weight will frequently change throughout the day. How much your weight fluctuates depends on what you eat or drink during the day.

6 Reasons Why You Are Dieting And Losing Inches But Not Weight

Now that you are clear with the fundamentals of weight, it’s time you take a deeper look at why you are losing inches but not weight, along with the different ways how to burn 1000 calories you can start to see adequate progress in your quest for how to lose 50 pounds.

1. You are Gaining Muscle
Gaining muscle is the main reason why you are losing inches but not weight. You usually realize a phenomenon when you can fit into clothes that you haven’t fit into for months or even years.

However, if you have been focusing on weightlifting or strength training, you are likely to gain muscles over fat. This progression of gaining muscle while losing fat at the same time is called body recomposition.

Here, one pound of fat weighs the same as one pound of muscle. So even if you end up losing one pound of fat, the additional pound of muscle will ensure you have no difference in your weight. Body recomposition is the main cause of losing inches but not weight.

2. Influence of Genetics
Genes can have an impact on your weight loss journey as well. For example, if you have a family history of obese or overweight people, you are more likely to have a slower metabolism that can slow down the weight loss process for you.

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Strength training can help you see a reduction in certain body parts but the overall weight.

3. Impact of Age on Losing Weight Timeframe
Younger people, in general, tend to lose weight faster than older ones. This is mainly because our body messes up our system’s regular speed and functionality to regulate this weight loss journey as we age. And if you have a saggy body at this time, it can also be the biggest culprit why you are struggling with losing inches but not weight.

4. Stress Affect On Weight Loss
As you must have noticed already, slow progress in losing 50 pounds when you are losing inches but not weight, can also be attributed to stress. Stress is often the root cause of overeating.

5. Lack of Proper Sleep
Sleep deprivation leads to a wide range of health issues, with weight gain being one of them.

6. Gender’s Role In Losing 50 Pounds

man and woman working out

How long does it take to lose 50 pounds? The process of losing 50 pounds between men and women has an entirely different approach but will take from 6-12 months. Men losing inches but not weight happens because men tend to lift weights more than engaging in cardio exercises, which burn fat.

Men also tend to have a faster metabolism to burn fat. Females usually have a slower metabolism which has a significant impact on their ability to lose 50 pounds.

The other weight issue women deal with is hormone level imbalances during menstruation. You will feel bloated most of the time because the female’s body retains more water than salt during the stages of the menstruation cycle. As a result, it can add on a few extra pounds, which can be misleading if you frequently weigh yourself.

The Solution: Focus on Fat Loss, Not the Numbers on the Scale

Now that you know the scale is not always the best way to measure your dieting progress, how much you weigh is not an accurate measure of getting thinner and healthier.

Fat loss is much better than weight loss. And the reason mainly being that weight fluctuates a lot faster than your fat.

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If you solely focus on fat loss, you are more likely to get permanent changes and shift your physique into having less fat and more muscle.

Your Scale May Be At Fault When Losing Inches But Not Weight!

Here’s why you need to stop using weight scales on a daily basis:

  • It doesn’t indicate the fat content in the body – Your weight scale gives a deceiving number that includes your fat, bone, organs, and muscle weight altogether. A scale can discourage you and give a false impression on how long it will take to lose 50 pounds.
  • It doesn’t show the changes in your body – Let’s imagine that you are taking a good diet supplement along with proper eating but are engaging in strength training. Your scale will show no weight loss. Yet when you look in the mirror, you see a slimmer body.
  • A scale doesn’t reflect your health condition – Fat content doesn’t just indicate a bigger body. People who suffer from obesity also act as a magnet to many other health issues, including diabetes, heart attack, and strokes. What you need to measure is the ratio of muscle to fat.
  • A scale can act as a demotivator – Let’s be honest here. If you see no results regardless of your efforts into losing 50 pounds, your scale can inevitably act as a demotivator. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why people who start a strenuous workout routine to lose weight end up quitting midway.

A Better Way To Measure Progress – Body Fat Scales

Body fat scales give you the ability to measure both your total weight and fat weight. These body fat scales help distinguish body fat from muscle. This is a great way to break down the data and measure your progress to lose 50 lbs. effectively.

These body fat scales help to estimate your body composition by sending weak electrical signals all over the body and gathering data through it.

Losing Inches But Not Weight No Exercise Solution

The good news? You can speed up the whole process by using a dietary supplement without having to exercise your butt off and not starve yourself. It is a completely new way to transform the way you burn fat. ⤵️

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If you struggle to stay motivated and to exercise every day, start taking a break from weighing yourself every day and try the diet above.

It shows you how to lose 50 pounds while not starving yourself. Dieting will never get any more manageable and more fun! As a result, you will get a healthier life.

If you do not see any decrease in your weight, it doesn’t mean you are not making progress. The key to effective and long-term weight loss is dedication and motivation.

As we have seen, your weight is not the only parameter of measuring your progress to lose 50 pounds. Start by shifting your perspective around how you want to feel in your body and how you want it to look. Once you draw all your goals around this concept, it will make it easier to enjoy the whole weight loss process and stay motivated throughout the journey.

This will make it much easier for you to shift to a healthy lifestyle and stop worrying about losing inches but not weight.

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